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Chapter 26: Forever

Harry Potter woke up on December the twentieth feeling very groggy. The first thing he noticed was that he was not in his large comfortable bed. He was in the small camp bed in Ron's room that he had slept in so many summers before. Suddenly he remembered why, and it felt like someone had hit him with a blot of electricity. He was getting married today. He sat up in bed and threw his pillow at Ron who was still sound asleep.

"Eh.. Wusgoinon?" muttered Ron.

"Wake up! We're getting married today!" said Harry happily.

"We're…" Ron sat up sleepily and then his eyes got very wide as Harry's words sunk in, "Bloody hell I'm getting married today…" he said. He stretched and yawned in spite of himself.

"I think letting George and Charlie take us out for our last hurrah as single blokes might not have been the best decision making on our parts…" said Ron with a smirk.

George and Charlie had taken them on an absolutely crazy night which included a lot of drinks, a lot of laughter and had culminated in a very elaborate prank played on Percy at one o'clock in the morning. Harry had been too smashed to remember the details but he remembered fireworks, and noise makers, and Percy screaming a lot. He smiled at the memory.

"What time do you think the girls got in?" said Ron.

"Dunno… but from the looks of what Fleur had planned I doubt they got in before us." said Harry.

Ginny and Hermione had gone out with Fleur and Angelina to have a bachelorette party of sorts. Harry remembered with satisfaction the moment they had come down the stairs. Harry and Ron had been waiting for Charlie and George to show up, but when their fiancés had walked down the stairs they were rather distracted. Ginny was wearing a shimmery black shirt with small straps and a back that dipped very low showing ample amounts of her porcelain skin. She was wearing a short skirt and black high heels to compliment the shirt. Her hair was pulled half back and she looked absolutely breath taking. Harry looked at her stunned, he thought that his expression probably matched the dumbfounded look on Ron's face as he looked at Hermione. She had tamed her hair into very pretty waves, and she was wearing a purple velvet shirt that formed to her body along with a pair of tight jeans and brown leather boots that came up to just below her knee. It was the most sensual Harry had ever seen Hermione look. Just then Fleur and Angelina had showed up and announced that they were taking Hermione and Ginny dancing.

"Do you think they were dancing with guys last night?" said Ron, breaking Harry's reveling.

"Probably… but it's not that big a deal. They were just having one last celebration before being stuck with us forever." said Harry with a smirk, and Ron smiled in agreement.

Harry and Ron made their way downstairs to the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley was busily cleaning up and there was a pot bubbling on the stove and issuing wonderful smells.

"There you two are! I was wondering when you were going to get up, it's almost noon!" said Mrs. Weasley reproachfully.

"Well we were out until four Mum… we needed our sleep." said Ron.

"Well just so you know I've made you some vegetable soup for lunch. I'm going to be heading to Hogwarts to help Hermione and Ginny in just a few minutes." She said.

"They're at Hogwarts already?" said Ron looking incredulous. "the wedding isn't for four hours! What the bloody hell do they have to do that takes four hours?"

"Watch your mouth young man." said Mrs. Weasley as she ladled them soup, "and Hermione and Ginny have been at Hogwarts since ten this morning. A girl's wedding day is her day to relax and be pampered."

"I still don't know what kind of pampering takes six hours." said Ron under his breath as he began to eat his soup.

Mrs. Weasley looked around the kitchen to make sure that everything was in order and then she turned back to the boys.

"Right… now you two need to be at the school by two. Your brothers are going to meet you there Ronald, along with Neville of course. Now Harry, McGonagall asked me to inform you that she has taken the anti-Apparation spell off of the room which you lived in last year so that you can Apparate directly into the castle. Apparently the crowds are already starting to get a little rowdy." She explained.

Harry groaned into his soup. The time and date of their wedding had leaked to the public about two weeks previously. They knew as soon as they sent out their invitations it would only be a matter of time. Hagrid had kindly offered the services of him and Olympe to stand watch at the door and make sure only those who could show invitations got in, the were going to take him up on the offer but Harry did not want to think about the chaos that was probably brewing outside Hogwarts school at that very moment.

"Well I think I'm on my way to the school now…" said Mrs. Weasley, she looked at both the boys with a nostalgic look, "I can't believe you're getting married today, my boys." She smiled at them both and then turned on the spot and Disapparated.

"So what should we do until two?" said Ron.

They finished their lunch and then played a few games of wizard's chess. They ended up checking and rechecking their suitcases. They were all four headed to India for a three week honeymoon. Harry had offered to let Ron and Hermione go anywhere in the world, his treat, but in the end they decided they'd all like to go to the same place. They thought it would be more fun to see the sights together. Ron had teased that he wasn't sure how much Harry and Ginny would see them anyway, because he was planning on spending the majority of the trip in his room. Harry had laughed and said he quite agreed with that idea. At two o'clock Harry and Ron picked up their brand new dress robes and got ready to Apparate to Hogwarts.

"Hey Harry…" said Ron, giving him a kind of awed look, "do you realize the next time we're back here we'll be married men?"

"Pretty crazy huh?" said Harry and he grinned.

He and Ron turned on the spot and landed in his room at Hogwarts. It looked exactly the same as when he had left it, and as soon as they got there many fond memories came flooding back. He noticed that Charlie, George, and Neville were all crowded around the window that looked down at on the grounds. Bill was sitting in a chair by the fire, when he saw them he stood up and smiled.

"There are the men of the hour…" he said.

"Oi! You two have got to see this!" said George, who had just noticed they'd arrived, he motioned for them to come to the window.

Harry and Ron walked to the window and Harry was momentarily stunned by what he saw. Even though the grounds were covered in snow and a blustery wind was blowing, there were what looked to be thousands of people outside. A long line of them wound it's way down the path out the gates and down the road towards Hogsmeade.

"It's got to be freezing out there…how long have they been standing there?" said Harry.

"Dunno… as long as we've been here…" said George, "look what happens when you wave at them." He lifted his hand and waved and a couple hundred people towards the front of the crowd saw him and began to jump and cheer and wave back enthusiastically.

"Bloody hell…." Muttered Ron, as he walked away from the window and took a seat on the couch.

"Yeah it's been pretty crazy." Said Neville, "McGonagall had to make a new rule this year that only students with a valid reason to stay for Christmas were allowed, because over half the school tried to stay for the holidays just to try and sneak into your wedding."

"Hey you guys want to go check out the Great Hall?" said Charlie brightly.

Harry looked back towards the window warily.

"Are you sure that it's safe?" he said. But all the boys laughed.

"Yeah it's safe, McGonagall has magically sealed the castle for the time being. So they can't get in." said Bill.

They all walked out through the portrait hole, and down the hall.

"So where are the girls getting ready?" said Ron.

"the Head Girl's room," said Neville, "the Head girl went home for break so McGonagall said they could use it."

They had reached the Great Hall. As the doors opened Harry looked around a stifled a gasp. The hall looked breathtaking. The traditional Christmas trees were set up along the edges twinkling with little white lights. There were hundreds of candles floating in the air casting beautiful shadows around the room. The magical ceiling was snowing light flakes that seemed to melt into nothingness where they met the flames of the candles. The house tables had been removed and two long rows of chairs had been set on either side of the hall with an isle in between them. In the front of the room where the head table usually sat was a large podium adorned with white roses and ivy. Harry looked at Ron who was still looking around the room.

"What do you think?" said Harry.

"I think it's even cooler than I expected." said Ron with a smile.

"We actually have a bit of a surprise for you." said Bill.

Both Harry and Ron looked at him questioningly.

"We thought you guys might be getting sick of Ferdinand Dibble. He's the wizard who presides over most weddings." explained George. "So we asked someone else, to marry you."

"Who?" said Harry and Ron at the same moment.

"Me," said Kingsley who seemed to materialize beside them.

"Really? Oh Minister thank you!" said Ron happily.

"It's my pleasure Ron. I have truly enjoyed watching you all grow into such fine men and women, and I'm honored to be the one helping you make this important step in your life." He said.

George looked at his watch and then jumped.

"It's two forty! We gotta get you two back upstairs!" he said quickly.

"Why? We've still got an entire hour until the wedding…" said Harry.

"Well firstly, they are opening those doors at three o'clock, because it' going to take them a bit to sort out who has an invitation and who doesn't, and secondly we have to get you both ready. Ginny and Hermione are having some come and fix your hair and such." explained George.

"I am not letting some ruddy hair dresser get hold of me…" said Ron grumpily.

"Well that's too bad… cuz it was going to be Fleur…" said Bill with a smirk.

"Oh… I guess that's all right then." said Ron turning slightly red.

By the time they got back to the room Fleur was already waiting for them and tutting about how little time they had. She pulled Ron into a chair immediately and began to comb through his hair using ample amounts of some potion and snipping it with scissors here and there. When she was done Harry was very impressed, Ron's usually short shaggy hair that did whatever it pleased, had been made sleek and laid perfectly making him look very dashing. Next she grabbed Harry and pulled him into the chair, she dabbed ample amounts of potion into his hair and pulled it this way and that with a comb. George came over and sat next to him while she worked.

"I just wanted you to know Harry Potter…" George said with a smirk, "You're taking the only sibling I have left that I'm proud to share the name Weasley with!" Harry laughed but Fleur smacked and told him to sit still.

"Well… I maybe taking Ginny, but you are getting Hermione today, and as far as I'm concerned she's pretty impressive. I think you should be proud that she wants to become a Weasley." said Harry.

"You've got a point there Harry…" said George, then he gave a playful grin, "but I have no clue why a girl with confidence, good looks, and brains, wants to married my ruddy pumpkin head of a brother."

They both glanced at Ron who was now pacing back in forth in front of the fire muttering incoherently to himself, and they sniggered.

"You all right there Ron?" said Harry.

"Just trying to remember my lines…if I don't Hermione's gonna murder me." He said nervously.

They had chosen to recite two of their favorite poems together as their wedding vows, and Ron had been nervous for the past two weeks that he was going to forget what he was supposed to say.

"Ron you know those lines forwards and backwards… don't get yourself all worked up." said Harry with a laugh.

"All done Harry!" said Fleur and she handed him a mirror.

'Wow…." Was all Harry could say, Fleur had sculpted his short black hair into a slightly spiky but very classy looking style, she had even managed to tame the unruly hair on the back of his head, a feat that had not been accomplished in nineteen years. It was definitely the best he had ever seen his hair look.

At three forty five, they received instructions from McGonagall that they were to Apparate to the empty classroom directly across from the Great Hall. Harry and Ron were dressed in their new robes, they took one last look at themselves in the mirror and then grinned at each other.

'Let's go get married." said Harry.

"Alright…" teased Ron, as if Harry had said they were going to have lunch. They turned on the spot and landed in the empty classroom.

There was a lot of noise coming from the other side of the door. A moment later Neville appeared next to them and smiled. Mrs. Granger was already in the room, apparently Hagrid had escorted her there through the crowd, she looked very pretty in a dress of dark forest green.

"Hello boys!" she said happily and she hugged them both, "Oh you both look so very dashing. I've just come from Ginny and Hermione, they're so excited."

Harry and Ron grinned at each other thinking about their soon to be wives. Just then Mrs. Weasley Apparated into the room, Harry looked at her in surprise. He was so used to seeing Mrs. Weasley as she was at the Burrow, plain dress and apron, hair frizzy, and usual covered in whatever she was cooking or cleaning. Now she was looking quite lovely, her hair was pulled back in a bun and she was wearing the same kind of flowing green dress as Mrs. Granger.

"Oh my boys!" she said walking to them and hugging them and kissing their cheeks, "You looking so handsome!"

Harry could tell she was already on the verge of getting weepy, and he wondered just how much she and Mrs. Granger would cry during the ceremony. Just then Hagrid poked his head in the door.

"We've got everyone in their seats, an' the doors have been locked agains' any unwelcome guests so we're ready when you are…." He said, then he looked down at Harry and Ron and smiled, "lan sakes…you two look dapper….see ya in there alrigh'?" he closed the door and they all looked around at each other.

They opened the doors and walked into the entrance hall. Neville's took Mrs. Granger's arm and stepped forward. The doors to the Great Hall opened and the two of them began to walk slowly down the isle. Harry and Ron took their places on each side of Mrs. Weasley and they each offered her an arm.

"Ready Mum?" said Harry, and she looked up at both him and Ron with a watery expression.

"I love you boys both so much…" she said.

"We love you too Mum." They said in unison, and then they walked forward into the Great Hall.

As soon as they entered the doors closed behind them. There was soft music being played by a string quartet in the corner of the stage. Harry felt nervous as two hundred and fifty pairs of eyes turned to them. He stifled a slight snort of laughter as he glanced around. They had decided to split the hall into friends of the Weasley's on one side, and friends of Potter's and Granger's on the other. Harry kind of liked it, because it made him feel even more like Hermione was his big sister, a feeling he'd been enjoying over the past year. But now as they made their way down the isle he noticed the vast sea of red hair to his left and he found it rather amusing. They took Mrs. Weasley to her seat in the front row with all of Ron's brothers and then they made their way up onto the stage, Ron standing on the left and Harry standing on the right. Neville had taken his place next to Harry and Luna would go to stand on the other side of Ron. A moment later the doors of the Great Hall opened again and Luna walked calmly down the isle. She was wearing a flowing silk dress in the same dark green, and was carrying a small bouquet of white roses. Her hair was left long and flowing and she looked very pretty as she slowly made her way down the isle, and took her spot next to Ron. Harry's heart began beating very fast now, he knew that the wait was over, this was the moment. He caught Ron's eye and Ron had the same scared but excited look. Harry felt like he wanted to start bouncing up and down in anticipation, but he resisted. Suddenly the music the changed it swelled into a beautiful tune and seemed to become more purposeful, Kingsley motioned for the audience to stand to it's feet, and the doors of the Great Hall began to open again. Harry felt liked they opened twice as slow.

Hermione walked down the isle on the arm of her father. If ever anyone had called her beautiful it didn't hold a candle to how she looked in that moment. Her hair was pulled up in an intricate style that wove itself in and out and around and then gathered into beautiful ringlet curls that cascaded like a waterfall from the back of her head. There were little white flowers placed here and there in her hair and a discrete veil came out of the back of her hair. Her dress was made of white satin and it sat off her shoulders coming to a perfect V neckline. It was tight to her bodice and then faired out into a beautiful princess ball gown, but perhaps the most beautiful thing about Hermione was the radiant smile that was on her face as she walked towards Ron. Harry truly believed that smile could light up the room if every other light went out. He looked at Ron and felt slight emotion rising inside him. He had never seen his best friend with such a perfectly happy look on his face, Ron was grinning so wide you'd think his face might crack and his eyes were glued to Hermione. It was painfully obvious that he wasn't aware that anyone else was in the room. As she got closer Harry saw a tear leak out the side of Ron's eye and he was touched, Ron was actually so happy that he was crying. It warmed Harry's heart to know that after everything they'd been through, he finally got to see his best friends this joyful. Hermione and her father finally made it to the front and they stood before Ron and Kingsley.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" said Kingsley.

"Her mother and I do." Said Mr. Granger, he hugged his daughter and then placed her hand in Ron's.

He went and took his place next to Mrs. Granger. He put his arm around her, because tears were already streaming down her face. Harry looked over and saw the same was true of Mrs. Weasley who was holding Bill's hand and wiping her eyes with a handkerchief. Just then the audience turned their attention back to the doors. Ginny and Mr. Weasley had just walked through them. Harry felt as if someone had just shown a blazing summer sun on him. He felt warm from his head to his toes, his heart felt so full that he thought it might burst with joy. He couldn't take his eyes off Ginny's face, she was the most beautiful most perfect creature in the entire world. Five hundred dementors could have shown up at that moment and Harry felt he wouldn't have even needed a Patronus, the sheer magnitude of his joy would have driven them away. Ginny was wearing her hair down accept for a small portion on the top, it framed her face in big beautiful curls and she was wearing a sheer veil that laid perfectly down her back. Her dress was strapless with an intricate lace corset top, and a full princess skirt similar to Hermione's. She beamed at Harry as she walked down the isle and he was anxious for her to walk faster he want to touch her, to hold her, to know that the perfect creature coming towards him truly was his forever. Mr. Weasley and Ginny came level with Harry and they all turned to Kingsley.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" said Kingsley.

"Her mother and I do." said Mr. Weasley, and he hugged both Ginny and Harry before taking his place next to the now sobbing Mrs. Weasley. Everyone took their seats and they all turned to hear Kingsley's speech.

"Today…" began Kingsley, "I'm not going to talk to you, about why people get married. I have something I think is even more important on this most special of days. I want to speak to you all about the power of love. The four amazing people who stand before me, have already seen in their young lives, things that I hope many of you will never have to see, and experienced things no one should ever have to experience. Yet through it all they found something more valuable than any treasure found on this earth. They found a love that can endure all things, with the person standing next to them."

Harry glanced down at Ginny who met his eyes and held them, he felt like he had never had a more perfect moment than this in his whole life.

"That is why I can say with confidence that I have no fears about their future. I know that their love has seen them through the dark and dangerous times of their lives. So it is my hope and prayer that it will now carry them into their years of happiness, and light." Kingsley smiled as he finished his speech.

"Now these two couple would each like to recite for you a poem, which they believe expresses the vows they would like to make to each other." Kingsley said.

Ron and Hermione were going to go first so Harry and Ginny turned to watch them, as they did Harry gave Ginny's hand a squeeze. Hermione looked deeply into Ron's eyes and then she spoke.

"I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off." She said.

Now it was Ron's turn. Harry held his breath hoping Ron would remember his lines.

"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul." said Ron with a smile, and Harry exhaled in relief.

"I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers." said Hermione.

"Thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body." replied Ron.

"I love you without knowing how, or when or from where…" said Hermione softly, and her eyes began to mist as she looked into Ron.

"I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride." said Ron, squeezing her hands as he spoke.

"So I love you because I know no other way than this: where I does not exist, nor you." said Hermione.

"So close… that your hand on my chest is my hand." said Ron softly, and another tear leaked down his cheek.

"So close that your eyes close as I fall asleep." said Hermione, with happy tears streaming down her cheeks.

The room was deadly silent. Harry looked around and saw that not only Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger were crying, but Fleur, Angelina, and many other of the girls in the audience were teary eyed as well. Harry himself felt a burning in his throat and he knew that if there was any chance of him getting through his vows without crying, it had just been ruined.

"Now Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley will recite their vows." said Kingsley softly.

Harry turned to face Ginny and took both her hands in his. He looked deeply into her perfect brown eyes as he spoke. There was no need for him fear that he would forget his lines, he felt like the words were coming directly from his soul.

"How do I love you?" he began, "Let me count the ways. I love you to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling is out of sight, for the ends of being, and ideal grace."

"I love you to the level of everyday's." replied Ginny, "Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight."

"I love you freely, as men strive for the right. I love you purely, as they turn from praise." Said Harry, he could feel the tears welling up inside him but he tried to hold them at bay.

"I love you with passion put to use, in my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith." said Ginny, and the tears began to fall down her face as she smiled.

That did it, as soon as Ginny started crying Harry felt the tears spill out the corner of his eyes and he let them, he was happy and he didn't care who saw it.

"I love you with a love I seemed to lose with my lost saints…" he said, and he marveled at the truth of the words, wishing once more that his parents could be with him at this perfect moment.

"I love you with the breath, smiles and tears of all my life." said Ginny.

"And if God choose, I will but love you better after death." said Harry and he touched her cheek.

Once again the room was silent. Harry heard pronounced sniffling throughout it, but he didn't look. He couldn't take his eyes away from Ginny for a second.

"Do you have the rings?" said Kingsley.

Neville walked across the stage and handed Ron Hermione's small gold band and then came back and handed Harry Ginny's. Luna did the same with Ron and Harry's rings, and then Kingsley turned to Ron and Hermione. Harry reluctantly tore his eyes away from Ginny's face but kept his arm around her waist as they watched.

"Do you Hermione Jean Granger, take Ronald Bilius Weasley to be your husband? to love him, to protect him and to care for him in sickness and in health until the day of your death?" said Kingsley.

"I do." said Hermione, as she beamed at Ron. She slipped the golden ring onto his left ring finger and he squeezed her hand.

"Do you Ronald Bilius Weasley, take Hermione Jean Granger to be your wife? to love her, to protect her and to care for her in sickness and in health until the day of your death?"

"I do!" said Ron enthusiastically and a few people laughed as he put the small golden ring on Hermione's finger, and then they both tuned to watch as Kingsley walked to Harry and Ginny.

Harry turned to face Ginny again and took both of her hands in his and smiled at her.

"Do you? Ginerva Muriel Weasley, take Harry James Potter to be your husband? To love him, to protect him and to care for him in sickness and in health until the day of your death?"

"I do." said Ginny, looking at Harry with the burning expression that he had come to love so much. She slipped the gold ring on his finger.

"Do you Harry James Potter, take Ginerva Muriel Weasley to be your wife? To love her, to protect her and to care for her in sickness and in health until the day of your death?"

"I do." Said Harry, feeling that he had never said any words in his life that he meant more sincerely than those two, and he slipped the golden ring onto her finger.

"By the power vested in me as Minister of Magic." Said Kingsley as he tapped Ginny and Harry's hands entwining them in a golden band and then moving back to Ron and Hermione.

He did the same thing to their hands and then looked at all four of them.

"I pronounce you bonded for life." He said.

Once again Harry felt as if something locked down inside him, but it was absolutely perfect. Every trace of him ever leaving Ginny was erased, he knew it was now physically impossible for him to ever be parted from her, and it was one of the most beautiful feelings he'd ever experienced.

"Harry? Ron?" said Kingsley looking at them each with a smile, "you may kiss your brides."

Harry scooped Ginny up into his arms and kissed her passionately. As he did he was aware of sparklers and loud cheers raining down around them but he didn't care at all. He was kissing Ginny, he was kissing his wife. After a few more blissful seconds he let Ginny go and they turned to face their guests. Ron and Hermione had just done the same but Hermione was still looking slightly pink faced as she smiled around at everyone. The music started again and the four of them followed by Neville and Luna made their way out into the Entrance Hall to the sounds of enthusiastic cheering. As soon as they got out there they began cheering and hugging each other in excitement. A moment later the Weasley and Grangers joined them and there was a great chaotic jumble of crying and hugging and laughing. Soon after, once they had calmed down it was time to go back in for the feast, the Weasley's and Granger's went in first and then Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione got ready to make their grand entrance. The doors opened and Harry heard the familiar voice of Lee Jordan who was the D-jay for the party.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is my great pleasure to announce for the very first time. Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Hermione Weasley and Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Ginny Potter!" he said enthusiastically.

They walked happily into the room to the thunderous applause of their guests who where now all seated at round tables scattered throughout the room. They made their way to the front table and took their seats. Shortly after the feast began, it was wonderful. McGonagall had given them an all out Hogwarts banquet with everything you could think of. As the meal was winding down, Neville stood up and clinked his glass.

"So I'm the best man… and it's tradition that I start off the toasts. I'll just say that I've known these four sitting here for almost my entire time at Hogwarts, and they are some of the best people anyone could know. These three…" he said motioning to Harry, Ron and Hermione, "are braver people than I could have ever hoped to know, and Ginny is one of the strongest most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met. I knew that Ron and Hermione would get together since the second year I knew them. But I think it's a beautiful testament to what love can be, to see everything they've come through to get to where they are, and then there's Harry and Ginny. I got a true glimpse of just how deep and unchanging their love is, in the year Harry was away because Ginny refused to give up on him, no matter how bad things got. She loved him right up until the end, so I know that they will be happy for the rest of their lives. So here's to my friends! May their love bring them joy forever!" Neville raised his glass, and everyone joined him.

Harry was very touched and he smiled at Ginny and squeezed her hand yet again. Just then George stood up and clinked his glass.

"I would like to make the second toast!" he said, he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and opened it with the air of reading some important document, "I would like to read you a love poem written by an amazing girl at the mere age of eleven, I'm sure it will touch your hearts and your souls." said George, with an evil grin in Ginny's direction.

"Oh no!" groaned Ginny, putting her face in her hands, "how in world did he get hold of that?"

"Get hold of what?" said Harry with amusement, but then George began reading and his confusion was cleared up instantly.

"His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad, his hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he's really divine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord!" George finished with a sing song flare and the whole room erupted into laughter.

Harry was laughing right along with them though he rubbed Ginny's back with his hand in a comforting sort of way. It was the poem that Ginny had sent him in a Valentines Day card her first year at Hogwarts. At the age of twelve Harry had thought it was terribly embarrassing but now he found it adorably sweet and he was glad George had found it.

"So it goes without saying…" continued George as the laughter died down, "That this day has been coming for quite awhile. So Harry… take care of my girl for me. I'd only give her up to a guy as deserving as you."

Ginny glared at George but she also smiled. George blew her a kiss and then lifted his glass with everyone else to toast them.

"I'd like ta say somethin as well…" said Hagrid, there was no need for him clink his glass because as soon as he stood the whole room noticed him, "When Ron was in his second year he came stumbling inta my hut burpin up slugs. I asked him what had happened an apparently he had tried to curse someone fer callin Hermione a bad name, an' had accidentally cursed himself instead!" there was a great deal of laughter at this too, "but in that momen' I got the sneaking suspicion tha' Hermione and Ron were gonna end up here someday, an' I was right." Hagrid smiled at them. "An' then there's Harry, always had a soft spot fer him, growing up withou' a family jus' like me. I was really happy when he found the Weasley's an' when he found Ginny it made my heart lighter. It's good ta see him finally have someone who makes him happy. To the happy couples!" he said and he raised his glass.

The toasting went on this way for the next twenty minutes or so some people making hilarious toasts. Some making touching ones that made everyone's eyes get misty, it was wonderful for Harry to feel like he had so many friends and people who loved him all around him. Then when the toasts where finally done, Lee Jordan spoke to the whole room again.

'I think it's time for our new couples to have their first dance!" he said and everyone clapped.

Harry and Ron exchanged quick grins behind their wives backs. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Harry and Ron had been secretly taking weekly dance lessons for the past month so that they could surprise Ginny and Hermione that night. They took their wives hands and led them onto the dance floor. Harry expertly took Ginny into his arms and smirked as he saw Ron gracefully spin Hermione into his arms. Ginny was also watching Ron and then looked back at Harry questioningly.

"Have you two been keeping something from us?" she said with a knowing smile.

"There is a distinct possibility." Said Harry as the music started and he steered her gracefully around the dace floor. He looked over and smiled at the completely shocked look on Hermione's face as her and Ron glided by. Harry danced effortlessly with Ginny as the music played and he twirled her around and brought her back into his arms with flourish as the song ended. Another song began and other people joined them on the dance floor. Ron and Hermione made their way to where Harry and Ginny were dancing.

"Do you mind if I cut in and dance with my sister?" said Ron.

"Only if I get to dance with mine." said Harry and Hermione grinned at him.

"So how are you ?" said Harry with a smile as he and Hermione twirled around the dance floor.

"I'm so wonderful…" she said with a huge smile, 'I can't believe we finally got here…"

"Well we did…" said Harry, and he looked over at where Ron and Ginny were dancing, he knew how Hermione felt, he couldn't believe Ginny was finally completely his.

A few hours later after a long night of dancing and laughing the four of them made their way to the door. They had gone upstairs and changed into their traveling clothes, and grabbed their suitcases. And now they were standing in the entrance hall waving goodbye to all their guests. The blew kisses to their friends and family and then they turned on the spot. They landed in a small Inn in India. They had come here only once before to make the reservation, but the woman at the desk smiled brightly at them. She handed them their room keys and they made their way down a hall.

"Well… goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Weasley..." said Ginny with a smile when she and Harry had reached the door to their room, "I'm sure we'll see you around."

"Don't count on it…" said Ron with a smirk and then he took Hermione by the arm continued down the hall.

Ginny and Harry walked into their room. It was very exotic be comfortable looking. The bed had bright red silk sheets and a red and gold canopy that hung from the ceiling almost in a tent shape.

"This is really cool!" said Ginny enthusiastically.

Harry wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her firmly; she wrapped her fingers in his hair and kissed him back with even more passion. Even though he had kissed her hundreds of times, something about her being his wife now made everything more exciting more intense. She pulled away and grinned at him.

"Why don't you get ready for bed…. While I go… slip into something more comfortable." She said with a grin.

Harry didn't need to be told twice, he let her retreat to the bathroom with her suitcase and he took his over the closet. He left it there and then stripped down to nothing but his boxers. He then laid down on the bed and enjoyed the feeling of the smooth silk against his skin. He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head; he relaxed and let himself simply be perfectly happy. A moment later he heard the bathroom door open and he opened his eyes to admire his wife.

Ginny was standing in the doorway giving him a playful smile. She was wearing the sheer green corset she had bought it hugged the curves of her body and accentuated her breasts perfectly. The only other thing she was wearing was a pair of little lacey green underwear. She walked towards him with the same smile playing on her lips. Harry felt like his entire body was on fire, but in a very good way. He was as excited as he had been that first night in his dormitory over a year and a half ago. He ached for her to reach the bed so he could hold her.

The vows in this chapter are Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda, and How Do I love Thee? By Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Chapter 26: Forever

Here it is guys! the big event! PLEASE REVIEW, this is the chapter I am probably most proud of writing. :)

Ch 25=[link]
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